Chronic Kidney Disease

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At Oconee Nephrology Associates Inc. of Athens, GA, we are here to provide you the highest quality and most compassionate chronic kidney disease help available. By helping you understand your chronic kidney disease options for treatment, we arm you with the knowledge necessary to play a vital role in your own care. Also by understanding your disease, you have more power to make the lifestyle adjustments necessary to live a more comfortable, fulfilling life during your treatment.

Our chronic kidney disease treatment facility allows you to treat chronic kidney disease now because we are always accepting new patients and take most major insurance plans. If you have received any of the following diagnoses or feel you may be at risk for any of them, please give our office a call to discuss your treatment options:

• Chronic Kidney Disease
• Kidney Failure / Acute Kidney Failure
• Renal Disease
• End Stage Renal Disease

According to the CDC, 26 million American adults have been diagnosed with kidney disease at various stages of progression. Another 1 in 9 people are at high risk for developing kidney disease during their life. Your kidneys are vital organs that filter out the waste from your blood stream. When they start to fail, they can no longer clean your blood and this allows toxins to build up. The results become more painful without treatment and will lead to death if not treated.

If you suffer from chronic kidney disease in Athens, GA, please schedule a consultation with Oconee Nephrology Associates Inc. today.

You can also download our new patient questionnaire online and fill it out before your first appointment to save time in the waiting room.

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