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Oconee Nephrology Associates Inc. provides high-level dialysis patient treatment with customized dialysis programs designed for your comfort and ultimate disease care. Of the dialysis treatment centers in Athens, GA, ours is rated among the highest for cleanliness, comfort, expertise, and compassionate staff. Our dialysis day treatment center is the best options for patients who have chronic kidney disease that has progressed to end stage renal disease.

Dialysis is an option for many patients who would otherwise be faced with undergoing a kidney transplant. One of the two options will be needed to keep you alive, but dialysis is always the first choice because it is less invasive and poses less risk than an organ transplant. In most cases, you will not need to start dialysis until your kidney function drops to 15% or lower. We will monitor you closely for any changes in your kidney function and discuss all your options with you during your visit.

If you do not want to have a kidney transplant, you may be able to receive dialysis treatments. Please bear in mind this is a lifelong commitment. Your kidneys are vital organs and their function must be handled by a manual process if they do not work independently. Most of our dialysis patients remain fully active and are able to lead an enjoyable life. Some patients have been on dialysis for upwards of 30 years, so it is possible to make several treatments per week at home or at our center a part of your daily routine.

Your best option for dialysis in Athens, GA is with Oconee Nephrology Associates Inc.

Get your treatments started with us today and you will experience the difference it makes to have a compassionate expert on your side.

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