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Hypertension, or high blood pressure, has long been associated with its damaging effects on the kidneys. At Oconee Nephrology Associates Inc. of Athens, GA, we provide high quality hypertension treatment to all patients with existing kidney disease and those who are at high risk of developing kidney disease due to uncontrolled high blood pressure. Patients with hypertension are shown to lose renal (kidney) function quicker than patients with controlled or normal blood pressure, thus this is now an independent risk factor.

In clinical studies, the progress of renal damage is shown to dramatically slow down in patients whose diastolic reading was treated and monitored to remain below 90 mmHg. We are aware of the dangers hypertension causes in kidney patients, and that is why most nephrology specialists, including Oconee Nephrology Associates Inc., are now providing clean hypertension treatment. In fact, our clean hypertension treatment center is part of our nephrology practice which allows you to receive both treatments simultaneously.

If you are hypertensive and suffering from kidney disease, we will likely begin a multi-drug treatment protocol. This combination therapy will be focused on lowering your blood pressure to a controlled rate of preferably 130/80 or below. This hypertension control will greatly increase your success with kidney treatment, and there are few known side effects with this combination treatment which your doctor will discuss with you. In all cases, we will provide the treatment plan best suited for your condition.

When you need high-quality care for your hypertension in Athens, GA, come see Dr. Fan at Oconee Nephrology Associates Inc. We provide compassionate care from a specialist you can trust.

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